August 28, 2008

i just biked 60+ km on the Izumo Bike Route! woo hoo!

Added on September 7th: I biked to the lake again, and this time I took my camera with me: 

A man digging for shijimi (small clams). they are delicious in miso soup. However, it is illegal for non-commercial people to take shijimi from the lake. This man looked like he was gonna freak (with fear) after I took a picture of him, lol
a bird!
ducks. there are a lot of these as you will see
the lake:
the bike route on a sign: 
a hawk on the side of the path setting flight
a river
another duck

collecting shijimi

the beach at the start of the route

the bike. makes my butt hurt!

Wow, i can't believe how much my legs hurt! 

but i survived. I wish I could upload the pictures i took on my Japanese pay-as-you-go phone. Next time I will carry my camera as it is a very scenic route. It ended at a vast 宍道湖 - (shinjiko - lake). Man am I sweaty. So for the first time I will utilize the bath instead of taking a shower the American way. There is a little machine in the kitchen that rings and says that the bath is hot and ready. You can also maintain the temperature. Sweet stuff! 

(Next post: Japanese food pictures and all about my two new jobs!)

Here is a picture of the bath: 

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Josephtheprince said...

Joy. Inexpressible! LILY C., you delight and amaze & my legs hurt in mad jealousy of you! (this is Cate)Hooray, you must, must must keep on writing because I desperately need something to read in all these tepid classes...your writing takes me into the deep, swirling joys of breathing air on this planet - elemental enthusiasm, unrestrained passion!

dang. i want a bath tub that tells me its ready.

dang. i just want a bathtub.

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