April 16, 2008

Tip {not} Use Vaseline daily to cure acne


micah told kyle that if he coated his face with vaseline daily, his acne would disappear. he advised this on the basis that vaseline would moisturize his skin, and that it is good because vaseline is CLEAN oil, as opposed to the rivers of oiliness on any teenager's face. so now micah is arguing with kyle, trying to convince him that if he sticks with it, all his acne will disappear within a week of daily application. 

lol. i first tried to correct kyle. but he stubbornly denied my attempts at enlightenment and now i'm joining forces with micah... sigh

real friends stab you in the front and bad friends stab you in the back. sympathetic but confused friends also stab you in the back. 

April 10, 2008

04.10.08 - abby

04.10.08 - abby, originally uploaded by ligerlily.

she don't care it's nice outside :P

flower in tree in front yard

DSC_0855, originally uploaded by ligerlily.

this is the kind of day today is!

April 02, 2008

the Bermuda Burger

the three meals of toppling tri-om were the three amazing burgers downed with 3 pints of beer on different occasions.  so i tried it out at home. and it was good. here we go, a very traditional, pub style, my "bermuda burger"

a simple recreation: 

the Bermuda Burger

(note: a lot of things are variable, better/fresher ingredients = better burger so give that a push)

1: the Patty Cake - (pr.  lb of beef / makes 4 quarter pounders or 2 half pounders)

1 lb. ground beef

2 TB Milk

2 TB Black Rum (or maybe 1tb reg and 1tb worch. sauce)

1/2 cup Bread Crumbs

1 Egg

1 clove fresh minced garlic

salt, pepper

do this: blend all but the meat and garlic in a blender, then mash everything together and form patties, grill for about 3 min. pr side on high heat, and lay cheese after first flip

2: the *Special* Toppings - cook these first

Caramelized red onions 

- 1 fresh ripe onion, chunky cut, cook in saucepan on low heat with butter, 1TB Rum and 1TB cane sugar

Lightly sautéed mushroom slices

- salt, pepper, butter, hot and briefly fry


- don't shrink it too much, two slices pr. bun

Cheese (rec. cheddar and dubliner)

- melt on burger after first flip

3: etc. Toppings

Romaine lettuce leaves

White Onion, thin round slivers

Red Tomatoes, thin round slices

Pickles, butter or dill quarters

Condiments: Mayo, ketchup, BBQ Sauce :D

Pile up on a toasted buttered sesame bun, homemade or store wrought, and ENJOI with a pint of ale!

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