April 02, 2008

the Bermuda Burger

the three meals of toppling tri-om were the three amazing burgers downed with 3 pints of beer on different occasions.  so i tried it out at home. and it was good. here we go, a very traditional, pub style, my "bermuda burger"

a simple recreation: 

the Bermuda Burger

(note: a lot of things are variable, better/fresher ingredients = better burger so give that a push)

1: the Patty Cake - (pr.  lb of beef / makes 4 quarter pounders or 2 half pounders)

1 lb. ground beef

2 TB Milk

2 TB Black Rum (or maybe 1tb reg and 1tb worch. sauce)

1/2 cup Bread Crumbs

1 Egg

1 clove fresh minced garlic

salt, pepper

do this: blend all but the meat and garlic in a blender, then mash everything together and form patties, grill for about 3 min. pr side on high heat, and lay cheese after first flip

2: the *Special* Toppings - cook these first

Caramelized red onions 

- 1 fresh ripe onion, chunky cut, cook in saucepan on low heat with butter, 1TB Rum and 1TB cane sugar

Lightly sautéed mushroom slices

- salt, pepper, butter, hot and briefly fry


- don't shrink it too much, two slices pr. bun

Cheese (rec. cheddar and dubliner)

- melt on burger after first flip

3: etc. Toppings

Romaine lettuce leaves

White Onion, thin round slivers

Red Tomatoes, thin round slices

Pickles, butter or dill quarters

Condiments: Mayo, ketchup, BBQ Sauce :D

Pile up on a toasted buttered sesame bun, homemade or store wrought, and ENJOI with a pint of ale!

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