October 03, 2011

Wow, I've been eat a fu-ton of ice cream lately...

Specifically Ben and Jerry's and BlueBell. But it's sooooooooo goooooood!!!!!

Hence, here are some BnJ reviews on a greatness scale of bad to top notch, bad being the bad-est and top notch being the top-notch-est. haha:

bad / okay / good / top notch

Cheesecake Brownie - bad
this is basically a slightly cheesecake-y tasting cream ice cream (very boring) with very few pieces of mostly brownie tasting brownie pieces. ugh. so disappointing. doesn't even taste like cheesecake. just a weird cream ice cream with like 4 brownie slivers here and there.

Magic Brownies - top notch
This black raspberry ice cream base is good enough by itself. It tastes distinctly of fresh well-picked raspberries well-blended into a simply smooth sweet cream ice cream. The cream complements the berry taste addictingly. It is truly magical. Not to mention there's a decent amount of gob-sized fudge brownie chunk treasures here and there that complement the base perfectly.

Dublin Mudslide - good
The flavor itself, if you are an irish cream liquor fan is good enough to merit the re-spoon repeatedly at an alarming rate. The consistency is bland, the cookies are less-concentrated brownie-ish tasting, but still delicious. "Premixed" favorite to come back too now and then. (As opposed to smothering any chocolate-themed BnJ's with Kahlua or Baileys. Or sometimes even vodka lol.)

Everything but the... - top notch
Crunchy roasted almonds covered in good-quality chocolate are the finishing touch that made this a solid favorite. If you are feeling the mix-ins, go for this one. Compared to a plethora of BnJs lacking in the-actual-things-that-it-claims-to-be-filled-with-a-decent-amount-of, it is generously filled with good quality add-ins. Plus, as simple as it is, chocolate and vanilla ice cream eaten together is surprisingly good. Try just the two together sometime and you'll see what I mean. (Bluebell great divide). You'll see. Solid base.

Phish Food - top notch
This is my favorite. Ever. It's the high quality fudge fish that melt in my mouth, making me reminisce of encountering dove chocolate for the first time as a preteen. One of the first good pieces of chocolate that I ever had, that made me remotely interested/delighted in eating chocolate. (I didn't like chocolate as a child because I never ate it when I was younger. Everyday now, I come to love it more.)

Late Night Snack - okay
again, okay, but could be way better. It's the serious lack of topping amount that causes failure in this ice cream that has sooo much potential for greatness. If only it had more salty potato chip clusters, it would help counter the overload of sweet. Maybe the caramel is also not salty enough. It tastes like normal caramel swirl, not that much saltier.

Oatmeal Cookie Crunch - top notch
Here's why: lots of cookie chunks, it's actually crunchy, and good quality ingredients. Plus an addicting sweet/salty yin and yang.

Schweddy Balls - bad
I got super-psyched on this one and went out and bought it ASAP. Unfortunately, it lacked in both the base and fillings. I could barely barely barely taste the rum in the vanilla ice cream. The malt balls were few and far, far outnumbered by the rum "balls" (which where half-decent). Plus, the malt balls were worse than whoppers. They were … :P waxy… ewwwwww.

Peach Cobbler - good
Yummy, doesn't taste fresh enough or have big enough shortbread pieces too be top notch. Maybe if it had softer peaches and more of them, peach ice cream AND cream ice cream in a swirl, and a caramel swirl instead of a peach swirl (which tasted more like simple sweetness than peach.)
Still, yummy.

July 04, 2011

America on 7.4.11

Tans come and go,
so do friends, ex-es, and buses
at least for now this country's somewhat standard, stable, and androgynously embraced
I love you America
You are my mother
You are my father
You are my oscillating mother/father
America, I shout with joy for you when I return
America, thoughts of you keep me from enjoying the other land
America, you're a delicious baby covered in slobber and spit
America, why do I feel obliged to wipe your nose? Here's a wet one.
America you formed me in the womb
Unknowingly, America, you cultivated antiquated change
America, you give people the freedom to feel restless
America, I'm restless. I want a divorce.

June 09, 2011

poems I wrote when I was 16


my nails are gone
I bit them off
one by one
one by accident
the others by force
I kept my thumb
nice tip, smooth, white
but they kept coming
into my mouth
so I'd remember
and stop the chomp
but keep them there
and nibble some
until the underbeds were riveted
then I lied myself over
they had to go
I miss them so
They were so pretty
Ladylike on my hand
now, stubs, stranded on dry land


do it for my sake
eat this rake
this spoon
this cake
this mop
this galvanized plate
oh looks
ripley is here
snap snap
my love
is dead
forgetting the fuming ambitions of the one I stand on
I wave to my friends
I fall, she falls, we all fall

Mayhem in the pitied malaise
came to me
cried out

So he asked me where it was
and I said "what?"
he said, "the map, you fool, the map"
I pursed my lips and thought
I neatly placed my hands on my lap
then jumped and screamed,
"that way! go there!"
gone, back, now more so
I sighed, the light faded now
"my hands," I said, "my hands-
you see,- "
"The map!"
"My hands," I held them up
He looked away... "my hands,"
I said, "my hands, you see,
"Shut up!" He snapped and
marched straight off, I sat
and clucked my bitter tongue
tsk, these hands, these worn out hands...
these scars... were they still worth it?
to writing on my pretty hands?

June 01, 2011

deep blue sea...

... The sea is a decadent abyss,
from where my crustacean friends
find solace in the miseries of the murk
That is where the cruelest formalities of day to day fragilities
are regarded affectionately as the cubbyhole home...

May 15, 2011

innocence and the way of the world

dandies rollick underfoot
a step, atop the porch I sit
pondering, wander, wonder

soon, soon dusk lets down its heavy blanket
on the sky,
dimly soothing, frantically fading

chubby grubby hands ambling,
the children meandering back
from the dripping living woods

frogs from bogs
upturning spacious housing logs

they look up at me with dark bright eyes,
trusting innocence?

- Across the field the llamas stare right back

high and sweet
melodic voices chipper, crowd
bring me back

smiling, invisibly, a warm wet tear slips out
and blends incognito with the taxing:
sweet sweat, down the furtive brow

a second splits
the horror hits
soon one day soon
their naivety will be shattered, raped, split, slit

eaten up, processed. inevitably
by the churning turning world

Its hungry gut
splendidly huge
awesomely fraudulent

my contributions keep the checks in sway
the delicate balance
eventually. making me
a better wetter lay

green, part one

Green always green
the essence to my life
trees grass leaves
calm subtle soft
living. breathing.
gently upwards heaving.
pushing towards the sky
a model for mankind

when i see you, i see red
the colors twist
the gentle fled
of green, bliss lime love lizards lips.

when i speak softly tones subside
my vision blurs, then clarifies
and what once was the one i hunt-
why kill what you can't hide?
and often times i ponder why
as i mellow in my bed
green melons, unriped acacia seeds
florescent trundle hucks

why can't there be a sea of green?
green the fields the hills the meadows
green the sea that we can eat
why can't there be a sea of green-
to calm the distance, from you... to me

at least this sea is living
at least this sea can change
maybe sometime soon, the present?
maybe envelop us
green green green

January 12, 2011

a random poem of the night inspired by Alan Ginsberg

cleaned it up a bit:

Forever and ever and ever ago
the strains of common time
from which was once bound little men
has now given arise
to a greater dawn adorned
tethered without boundaries
one without dimensions
we were once constrained
instantly that now he knows you know she knows
and then
they know
what a fallacy that falls, pulls and breaks the ties of fried
mind, in mankind
in darkness shivering
desperate for a light
yet light abounds in
gone to whisper
she shudders at the thought
the carousel was full
the children laughed, cut free
thank you coming, come again
and sudden, an image in their heads
and then they sought them each each night unto their very death,
beds were wet
horrors relinquished
quenched endless thirsts
the classic lots of more for less
and less is more yet best
the truth has emptied out
single file
on the patterned floor
eyesores sorted with lint,
and no longer can i distinguish
the butter from the bread
is this what truth
has now become
suddenly, a side swept side
bared parallel to the rest
beautiful yet incognito look at life worth lived
passively the sway of time turns timid girls to trembling terrors
the ancient rhythm rhymes
ether-real ethics-based redundant copulations
that some vagrant being with massed testosterone
and wielding weapon would muster
his forceful terror hence
masked so well
that a thousand times willful
the mask could cover
lies a mile deep
and at the end of trenching so
at least a foot was reached
victories of the night, of the day henceforth
are yet a microcosm
in the line of life's lipped sight
referral of mayhem to rapacious dense designs
the fool proof
will drain you dry and endless to its triumph triumphs.
- the petty pretty sigh

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