May 15, 2011

green, part one

Green always green
the essence to my life
trees grass leaves
calm subtle soft
living. breathing.
gently upwards heaving.
pushing towards the sky
a model for mankind

when i see you, i see red
the colors twist
the gentle fled
of green, bliss lime love lizards lips.

when i speak softly tones subside
my vision blurs, then clarifies
and what once was the one i hunt-
why kill what you can't hide?
and often times i ponder why
as i mellow in my bed
green melons, unriped acacia seeds
florescent trundle hucks

why can't there be a sea of green?
green the fields the hills the meadows
green the sea that we can eat
why can't there be a sea of green-
to calm the distance, from you... to me

at least this sea is living
at least this sea can change
maybe sometime soon, the present?
maybe envelop us
green green green

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