October 25, 2009


Yo peeps chak hout this band i just discovered they are mazin!... WILD BEASTS (myspace, iTunes - new album)

This second video "Hooting and Howling" is filmed underwater:


I just bought these Sennheiser CX300's on Amazon for $16.67 (Originally $49~) and I have to say, they are a great deal for in-ear headphones under $20. They come with different sized tips (I moved to the smaller ones), and have insane noise-isolating capabilities. Plus the bass on these guys are awesome. Read my review on Amazon here. I got them for listening to music at the school library because my other ones leak like crazy and I usually have to listen to my music very quietly (shhhhh) when I'm out and about. The thing I didn't take into consideration is the crazy amount of ear wax your ears are going to produce to combat the foreign object (earbuds) invading your canals.

October 24, 2009


today, a rainy saturday, I took the time to learn how to embed a flash mp3 player onto my google blog. here is the article i used: "Blogger: Embed MP3 Flash Player" // Please enjoy the fruits of my labor below:

"Bear" - from album, Hospice, by The Antlers

"Burning" - from album, Dreams, by The Whitest Boy Alive

Also, here is "Golden Cage" a song by Whitest Boy Alive that I enjoy even more. This music video is pretty awesome because it outlines a couple contrasts I have been studying in my color theory class at MK:

October 22, 2009


kiekegaard seems to be the only philosopher that believes that the system cannot be fully understood
meaning, every known philosopher in history has declared that they found "the key" to existence- the ultimate truth- the ultimate system
kiekegaard regards himself simply a "supplementary clerk who neither writes the system nor binds himself to the system"
in the preface:
The poet or orator can do nothing that the hero does; he can only admire, love, and delight in him. Yet he, too, is happy—no less than that one is, for the hero is, so to speak, his better nature, with which he is enamored—yet happy that the other is not himself, that his love can be admiration. He is recollection's genius (p. 15).
meaning we are idealists - in that we are in love with ideas (perfect ideas - the hero) and not actual people.
this follows in how we view ourself and how we perceive others
that is how we are always striving for perfection
but how we can still be okay with ourselves is because jesus died for us and we don't have to be absolutely perfect (to be our ideal, the hero, flawless) to "win" life
"He is a man committed by a volitive act to perform some deed or adhere to some ethical code. The Knight of Faith is a man who is also brave, but in a different way. He adheres by faith to some impossible (absurd) telos [end, goal]."
"Resignation, a volitive act of brave resolve, was the force behind Isaac's sacrifice. The act of faith was Abraham's full expectation that God would return Isaac to him intact."
The single individual is higher than the universal (also the ethical)
it is "wrong" to say that all humans are higher than exterior reality
(exterior reality can never be fully accurately perceived and be verified as absolute truth - example the philosophy of science - even science, man's truth, is erroneous)
yet, in christianity and in our souls, beyond conscience (which can become dulled), we know that our belief inside us is the most important thing to us -
it dictates what truth outside of ourselves that we choose to embrace, therefore self-truth is the higher truth
we want to be sure that it is right
note: in ourselves - we see the ultimate truth - the absolute truth - the key to the meaning of life - not life for all, but for ourselves - for if our goal was that the meaning of life for all mankind was known, then that is what we want for ourselves (to know what is meant for all mankind, thus me) everything comes down to what is inside of us
evidently we embrace most exterior (universal) truths because they make sense to us - meaning we want achieve our own truth, and if exterior truths present themselves to us (and make sense to us), we will add them as true in ourself. ultimately, we don't add something because, for example: the universally embraced truth that "murder is wrong," we don't embrace because, it is according to the laws of the universe - evident in whatever (societal belief, etc), but because we feel in ourselves that yes, murder is wrong- meaning the possibility for murder to be wrong and not right is logical to us, based on the things we know, and the conscious built into us.
We embrace truths into ourselves when
> A source we fully believe tells it to us
> (most of the time) Our conscious agreed with it
> Our feelings move us
> We make logical conclusions of what we see, based on what we know
> Our upbringings justify it
note: I am not saying that absolute is ever fully known. it is not. It is impossible until we die and what we believed in is either affirmed, different, or we cease to think.
the single individual is higher than the universal because ultimately the most important thing to each individual is himself (what he embraces as true in his own mind) to each man, himself
when each man claims himself, there is noone left
so the individual is more important than the universal, for it is in his mind that truth is made fully apparent, and therefore truly adhered.
truth has weight (NOT that it is made valid) when the individual embraces and adheres to it
truth is nothing to us outside ourselves. meaning if we do not know a truth it does not mean anything to us.
i feel like i am endlessly cycling through the chicken - egg argument
just as the single individual is answerable to truth (God), so he is higher than the universal
can faith be level with God as ethical is the "law" (the OT) and cold?
our duty is to God, who laid down the ethical
if he tells us to do otherwise than the ethical, we obey for he as the author is the higher authority
the giver of the law may suspend the law
"Abraham's act is different. By his act he transgressed the ethical altogether and had a higher telos outside it, in relation to which he suspended it.... It is not to save a nation, not to uphold the idea of a state that Abraham does it; it is not to appease the angry gods.... Therefore, while the tragic hero is great because of his moral virtue, Abraham is great because of a purely personal virtue (p. 59)."
"This reminds one of the old dilemma as to whether something is wrong because it is wrong absolutely, or because God declares it wrong. If the former be true, then the moral law would appear to be higher than God, since it would be more fundamental. If the latter, one might posit that the moral law is not intrinsically right, but only provisionally so, that God might have decreed it otherwise. To my thinking, the only solution is that God's nature (from whence comes the law) is grounded in his being, so that this dilemma is non-existent. In other words, the dilemma presumes a chronology or evolution in deity. But questions of time are meaningless."
K: The paradox of faith, then, is this: that the single individual is higher than the universal, that the single individual...determines his relation to the universal by his relation to the absolute, not his relation to the absolute by his relation to the universal.
"Faith is the highest passion in a person"

October 16, 2009

NEWS: Smallest man on earth? 22 inches, and only 10lbs!

You see this little guy? Apparently, he's the world's smallest man. He's 18 and he's only 22 inches tall, and weighs in at a whopping 10 pounds. I would panic if I was a freak... but what does he have to say?
“God is great. He made me small in size but has now given me big name. What else could I have asked for,” he said. According to his father, it hasn't always been like this, “As he grew older, he felt bad and became quite upset. But we always told him that God definitely had some big plans for him. We always tried to console him saying that size doesn’t matter at all.”
Well so he hated himself until he got famous. Then it was awesome.
"The student, who has learning difficulties and says his hobbies include 'playing with pebbles' and 'worshipping Buddha', also has his sights set on an arranged marriage – and children."
"I keep on telling my father to find me a small wife,” he said. “Now it’s up to him to find a right match. I would love to have children but have not yet decided about the numbers.”
Go little man, go!

Other headlines:

this just outraged me!
An interracial couple were denied marriage license on the basis that 'From my experience, interracial marriages do not last long' but 'I am not racist' Racist my ass!

from the article:
Bardwell said he has discussed the topic with blacks and whites, along with witnessing some interracial marriages. He came to the conclusion that most of black society does not readily accept offspring of such relationships, and neither does white society, he said.
"I don't do interracial marriages because I don't want to put children in a situation they didn't bring on themselves," Bardwell said. "In my heart, I feel the children will later suffer."
Racism is alive and well, folks!

October 13, 2009

Music: New albums added to my iTunes library, 10/2009

2pac - all eyez on me
air - love 2
angels and airwaves - I-empire
angels and airwaves - we don't need to whisper
antlers - hospice
band of horses - cease to begin
band of horses - everything all the time
bill callahan - sometimes i wish we were an eagle
bob dylan - the freewheelin'
bob dylan - the times they are a changin
emiliana torini - fisherman's wife
emiliana torini - me and armini
flaming lips - soft bulletin
ghostface killah - ghostdini wizard of poetry in emerald city
girls - album
jj- jj n° 2
junior boys - begone dull care
junior boys - so this is goodbye
kings of convenience - declaration of dependance
kleerup - kleerup
LMFAO - party rock
massive attack - splitting the atom
modest mouse - no one's first and you're next
mos def - the ecstatic
muse - the resistance
passion pit - manners
patrick park - everyone's in everyone
patrick park - loneliness knows my name
pete yorn & scarlet j - break up
radiohead - ok computer
raekwon - only built 4 cuban linx pt II
regina spektor - far
snoop dogg - doggystyle
the xx - xx
volcano choir - unmap
wild beast - two dancers
yacht - see mystery lights

October 12, 2009

we live in a beautiful world

we live we die we love we cry we desire warmth we desire loving we desire care we love our furry friends we like our houses our beds our books the sky the sun we like green grass we like alcohol and cigars and cigarettes and shorts and underwear and science and chairs and tables and we like leaves and seasons and water and the ocean and the beach and

we live in a beautiful world

we know how to laugh in every time and season when it is cold outside we go sledding and eat cake made of vanilla and fruit and pasty flour and we give each other presents and put marshmellows on our hot cocoa and then we plant bulbs which unfold as large flowers with thick petals the texture of moist foam and then we like to mow our lawns and have potlucks and make too much pasta salad and we like to throw a football or play catch with our kids and we like to wash our cars and play the radio from the cars on a sunny saturday and we like to take pictures with thin little digital cameras of our kids playing recreational soccer and we sit in fold out lawn chairs and we like flip flops and beer and asking for things on menus and bobbing our heads up and down to the music we like and throwing in an occasional whoop for kicks and we like making jokes when we stand too close to each other and we don't like drinking water from cups but they just taste better from bottles and we like our special drinks and we like sitting on dusty couches in coffee shops and we like to have our laptops opened out on our laps so that we can surf the internet and write comments on facebook and we also like to run into people that we know when we are out and about and we like to catch up and hang out and we like to party and we like to play such stupid games as beer pong and being mesmerized at household entities and we brace ourselves when we feel the wind comes but we makes all sorts of clothes so that whatever earth that God decides to lay out before us each day we can comfortable and naiively stand in the thrust of it and laugh and be picky and do whatever little thing we feel like doing and we like to try to stay healthy and we like to run with music and we like the fact that there is cold water in the fridge when we come back.

we live in a beautiful world

October 11, 2009

what's playin

Song NameArtistAlbum
things will never be the same ...
jj n° 2
stillness is the move
dirty projectors
bitte orca
No Surprises
OK Computer
The Antlers
Lust For Life
Psychic City
See Mystery Lights
Mad World
Gary Jules
Donnie Darko Soundtrack
Black Tables
Other Lives
Other Lives
Over The Rhine
Discount Fireworks
Is There A Ghost
Band Of Horses
Indie/Rock Playlist: Best Of
Owl City
Ocean Eyes
Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of...
Bob Dylan
Blood On The Tracks
Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
No Way Down
Air France
No Way Down
Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood
St. Vincent
Two Weeks
Grizzly Bear
See You
Dinosaur Jr
Breaking It Up (Punks Jump Up ...
Lykke Li
Breaking It Up (remixes) (CDS)
jj n° 2
In Ear Park
Department of Eagles
In Ear Park

20 songs, 1.4 hours, 132.9 MB

October 08, 2009

bob dylan has been wearing cool pants since (pre)1962

what i really need right now is the good stuff. 
honestly i haven't partaken of my summer ritual since the start of school. 
i'm debating whether to blow my next paycheck on expensive headphones or just some high quality shit. 
because honestly with all the time i'm wasting WASTING with the dumbing down of community college i just need some good stuff
to just chill out

October 01, 2009

Last Olympics coming up / Detroit too broke to bury their dead- pile up at the morgue

Apparently, according to the governor of Tokyo, (coincidentally the smartest expert on global warming in the whole world), has predicted that the upcoming 2016 Olympics will be the last. Because after that it's going to be too hot to compete. Of course, since there can only be one more, Tokyo should be the choice, since DUH Tokyo is waaay cooler than Chicago. 

Also, Detroit is too broke (as a city) to bury their unclaimed dead. There is a pile up of 67 bodies in the freezer. Apparently people are too broke to bury their relatives, and the county has used up their allotted money for burying the dead. They had 21,000 dollars to spend and ran out in June. 

Feces-covered nude man jumps into man's pool

I am really curious as to what led to this scenario... 
was he on fire/ did he think he was on fire? 
ideas, anyone? 
poop drenched dude breaks into backyard, leaps into pool
STUART, Fla. (AP) - A Florida man is facing charges after authorities said he was naked and covered in feces when he broke into a resident's backyard and jumped into the pool. A Martin County Sheriff's Office report shows 21-year-old Robert Stark Higgins was charged with burglary to an occupied dwelling, disorderly conduct and misdemeanor theft.
The resident told deputies he heard Higgins crash through the screen of his pool and take a splash Saturday night. Authorities said Higgins took a towel and fled. Deputies used a K-9 to track Higgins to a home. Higgins told deputies he had been drinking.

He was being held at the Martin County Jail on $10,500 bail. Jail officials said he did not immediately have an attorney.

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