January 12, 2011

a random poem of the night inspired by Alan Ginsberg

cleaned it up a bit:

Forever and ever and ever ago
the strains of common time
from which was once bound little men
has now given arise
to a greater dawn adorned
tethered without boundaries
one without dimensions
we were once constrained
instantly that now he knows you know she knows
and then
they know
what a fallacy that falls, pulls and breaks the ties of fried
mind, in mankind
in darkness shivering
desperate for a light
yet light abounds in
gone to whisper
she shudders at the thought
the carousel was full
the children laughed, cut free
thank you coming, come again
and sudden, an image in their heads
and then they sought them each each night unto their very death,
beds were wet
horrors relinquished
quenched endless thirsts
the classic lots of more for less
and less is more yet best
the truth has emptied out
single file
on the patterned floor
eyesores sorted with lint,
and no longer can i distinguish
the butter from the bread
is this what truth
has now become
suddenly, a side swept side
bared parallel to the rest
beautiful yet incognito look at life worth lived
passively the sway of time turns timid girls to trembling terrors
the ancient rhythm rhymes
ether-real ethics-based redundant copulations
that some vagrant being with massed testosterone
and wielding weapon would muster
his forceful terror hence
masked so well
that a thousand times willful
the mask could cover
lies a mile deep
and at the end of trenching so
at least a foot was reached
victories of the night, of the day henceforth
are yet a microcosm
in the line of life's lipped sight
referral of mayhem to rapacious dense designs
the fool proof
will drain you dry and endless to its triumph triumphs.
- the petty pretty sigh

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