October 03, 2011

Wow, I've been eat a fu-ton of ice cream lately...

Specifically Ben and Jerry's and BlueBell. But it's sooooooooo goooooood!!!!!

Hence, here are some BnJ reviews on a greatness scale of bad to top notch, bad being the bad-est and top notch being the top-notch-est. haha:

bad / okay / good / top notch

Cheesecake Brownie - bad
this is basically a slightly cheesecake-y tasting cream ice cream (very boring) with very few pieces of mostly brownie tasting brownie pieces. ugh. so disappointing. doesn't even taste like cheesecake. just a weird cream ice cream with like 4 brownie slivers here and there.

Magic Brownies - top notch
This black raspberry ice cream base is good enough by itself. It tastes distinctly of fresh well-picked raspberries well-blended into a simply smooth sweet cream ice cream. The cream complements the berry taste addictingly. It is truly magical. Not to mention there's a decent amount of gob-sized fudge brownie chunk treasures here and there that complement the base perfectly.

Dublin Mudslide - good
The flavor itself, if you are an irish cream liquor fan is good enough to merit the re-spoon repeatedly at an alarming rate. The consistency is bland, the cookies are less-concentrated brownie-ish tasting, but still delicious. "Premixed" favorite to come back too now and then. (As opposed to smothering any chocolate-themed BnJ's with Kahlua or Baileys. Or sometimes even vodka lol.)

Everything but the... - top notch
Crunchy roasted almonds covered in good-quality chocolate are the finishing touch that made this a solid favorite. If you are feeling the mix-ins, go for this one. Compared to a plethora of BnJs lacking in the-actual-things-that-it-claims-to-be-filled-with-a-decent-amount-of, it is generously filled with good quality add-ins. Plus, as simple as it is, chocolate and vanilla ice cream eaten together is surprisingly good. Try just the two together sometime and you'll see what I mean. (Bluebell great divide). You'll see. Solid base.

Phish Food - top notch
This is my favorite. Ever. It's the high quality fudge fish that melt in my mouth, making me reminisce of encountering dove chocolate for the first time as a preteen. One of the first good pieces of chocolate that I ever had, that made me remotely interested/delighted in eating chocolate. (I didn't like chocolate as a child because I never ate it when I was younger. Everyday now, I come to love it more.)

Late Night Snack - okay
again, okay, but could be way better. It's the serious lack of topping amount that causes failure in this ice cream that has sooo much potential for greatness. If only it had more salty potato chip clusters, it would help counter the overload of sweet. Maybe the caramel is also not salty enough. It tastes like normal caramel swirl, not that much saltier.

Oatmeal Cookie Crunch - top notch
Here's why: lots of cookie chunks, it's actually crunchy, and good quality ingredients. Plus an addicting sweet/salty yin and yang.

Schweddy Balls - bad
I got super-psyched on this one and went out and bought it ASAP. Unfortunately, it lacked in both the base and fillings. I could barely barely barely taste the rum in the vanilla ice cream. The malt balls were few and far, far outnumbered by the rum "balls" (which where half-decent). Plus, the malt balls were worse than whoppers. They were … :P waxy… ewwwwww.

Peach Cobbler - good
Yummy, doesn't taste fresh enough or have big enough shortbread pieces too be top notch. Maybe if it had softer peaches and more of them, peach ice cream AND cream ice cream in a swirl, and a caramel swirl instead of a peach swirl (which tasted more like simple sweetness than peach.)
Still, yummy.

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