April 03, 2005

random thoughts

i am very selfish. look at me talking about myself. onion layers. i dont need complications. i need jesus, my one and only. ther i go w/ "me" again.

the main thing must stay the main thing. bc the main thing is what it is all about.

i wish i loved god more.
i want to feel the love of the father.
it is good to desire god, but not 4 emotional needs only.
wipe it all away so the cross can be seen. that.... is the main thing.

GOD is glorious indeed (no period required)

talking to a friend today. my heart is troubled. it is just like how i was not so long ago. a disgust, disdain, and scorn for all that is life. blindness is a true disease in america.

help us father. with materials, education, private property, freedom, the ability to do as we will:
yet it is a disgusting thing to look upon.

i am an unclean person among a nation of unclean lips

we need a savior, but how can there possibly be a way

jesus blows my mind. the name of all ages is he. praises must be lifted up

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