October 31, 2005

Bob Dylan CD Review: No Direction Home: The Soundtrack (The Bootleg Series Vol. 7)

So I just bought this cd. All i can say is that i just don't get it. I mean, he's ok, but he's not phenomenal. Don't be offended when I say this, but maybe he was hip b/c there wern't that many to choose from. OR everyone was high and lacked good judgement. the whole strumming, singing, and harmonica contraption is really interesting. (observe old apple ad)

the list price (at starbucks it is $22.95). it is a 2 disc set, with a thick booklet of pictures showing the various bedheads that mr. dylan sported in the course of his career. In reality, if all was all-in-all, i wouldn't have bought it. But since we baristas get 5o% off cd's this week, i split it 50-50 with my good friend shari.

not all the tracks are impressive and i find the harmonica edge a little annoying after a while.

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