July 29, 2008

boycott Olympics?

To support the Olympics in Beijing would be to support the suppression of freedom and humanity.

1. A justification for tightened security and invasive government
2. Tighter regiments on freedom of speech
3. Making the bad guys money
4. People whose homes are in the way have been made homeless
5. The structures and preparations of the Olympics have been made through the sweat and blood and tears of those who have opposed tyranny- and are thus being punished in this way- forced human labor, inhumane work conditions (legally, and literally)
6. Athletes who desire to retire are forced to compete in the Olympics
7. A large number of past Chinese gold medalists have been forced of the team for political/secret reasons.
8. An obvious abuse of power- threatening athletes who desire retirement, demolishing the homes of its citizens, forcing people to work on the Beijing preparation for voicing political opinion.
9. no/little media freedom
10. invading privacy- a complex effort to spy on those attending the Olympics (http://thehill.com/leading-the-news/brownback-china-preparing-spy-attack-during-olympics-2008-07-29.html)

Athletes forced to compete/quit
Amnesty's charges against China in leu of the Olympics

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