May 31, 2008

Who is: Harriet Christian? Finally getting a whiff of BO's BO! Boo Ya!

old school Dems are so silly for being convinced that Hillary would walk into 2008 and be crowned Miss President. They forgot the important- the Boo Ya of the present day. Just when you thought that scary lady [and no i'm not trying to be political here i honestly was scared of her while growing up] was gonna feminize this country into shoulder-padded business suits and mass distribute Xanax pills for the already evil aging population. (yes it is their fault the economy sucks they didn't have enough kids!) Evil!

Hillary you are so lame! So is your friend Harriet Christian here. Of course people hearts are broken... old hearts that is. You're not ready for the Boo Ya(!) It's so awesome. It's like triple oxygen to young people and they at least respect it when it does occur. When it happens to you... you simply freak out and even lash out racist comments. (gasp) Grow up. It's 2008. Boo Ya! 

And don't you be saying to me, "well, what's the Boo Ya ?" 

Duh. Barak. Obama. Boo Ya! 

who is he? A person! 

this is hilarious. I am dying with laughter. of course, not literally!

Recent: Me as a Raw Foodist

Raw Foodism

What it's doing:

1. An unhealthy rate of weight loss. I am a little worried considering I started this diet with the intention to not exercise the first week so I can focus on eating and my body doesn't go into starvation mode from all the lack of meat and dairy. Seriously now! I have lost 7 pounds in 5 days. quite unhealthy if you ask me! I am going to eat more nuts and stuff to regulate. 

2. GERD no more! This is my theory (don't know how accurate): the high amount of enzymes in my food (because it's 98% RAW) reduces the amount of stomach acid in my stomach (less need for food breakdown because the enzymes are taking care of that) thus less and now no more GERD! Being the absent minded person I am, on occasion I would wolf down something high in fat without thinking (like cake or a mousse) and bam! Grrrrrross. 

3. Well you can't really obsess about raw food - like having an unhealthy addiction to a particular kind. So I'm not having any strong cravings! The other good thing is that you appreciate food more. But make sure you wash your hands and wash the food and stay as organic as possible... It's RAW. 

4. My diet, my rules: Raw is RAW. So what does raw mean? Literally uncooked, and I certainly hope, fresh. That means I am not a vegan! I can eat raw meat and raw fish. But considering where I live, it's hard to come by safe and fresh varieties of either. So far, I haven't had meat but look forward to it. :( . I cook be a very happy raw foodist in Japan! There is so much yummy raw food there :). (Like raw baby shrimp. Yummers!) I plan as soon as I can find some safe American Beef to slice it up with some fresh nashi and fresh garlic, negi, sea salt, and a tad of soy sauce. Itadakimaas!

5. My ham with Tofu: I will introduce Japanese tofu in 2 weeks back into the diet but only the most traditional kind. I am very disgusted with all the whoring tofu does in america. Simply because it can take various textures it's been abused to serve lusting american palettes in such forms as "tofu burger" and "tofu cheesecake" etc. Someone save that tofu!

6. Before it's official. Yea, what you're reading, believe or not is just HYPE. that's because I've only been doing this for 4 days. Pretty pathetic huh? Well, if I can stick with this more posts of the enduring kind. 

Next up on the RAW: 

- Raw foods and raw meat on the human personality - A more poetic rage? 

- RAW Update- good raw, bad raw


Sarajeskaparker is so ugly and freaky and she scares the hell out of me!!! (i am so sick of seeing the face on every diet coke bottle)

she is very scary. and then her voice is scary. aside from all the other things that annoy me about sexnthecity to withstand the feat of hearing such a nails+drywall voice is unbearable and yelch the end. !!!!

May 30, 2008

@ Grand central, hundreds purposely freeze for 5 min.

It was weird in movies- and weirder still in real life? and don't you dare laugh because 
these people are "stupid" for being such fools. i know you'd be flipping out!

May 27, 2008

The Best Ever's May 27: Transforming Pencil Case, Kate Nash, Vinyls are back

Ok three things.

1. I am going to get this pencil case because I couldn't just find the right one in Japan last week. It transforms into a pencil case! how cool is that? Kokuyo NeoCritz Transformer Pencil Case here @ 


2. I recently discovered Kate Nash. Via her song Mouthwash (iTunes link) or down here on YouTube. Very still english voice. made it bigger owing to myspace. (incidentally maybe the one thing myspace is good for - music...) i like.

3. Just added almost the whole S & G discography (over 100 songs) speaking of which Vinyl's are back, so smooth, old school and affordable! Back in Tokunoshima I discovered 3(!) Vinyl players in my Uncle's old hut collecting dust. Did i mention vinyls are now $0.50 to $2 in thrift shops across the states? (they always have been ;) Also, you can get your favorite indie releases on vinyl too, via (Like andrew bird. just close your eyes and imagine.... just imagine the sound of THIS on vinyl!) As soon as I can, I am going to get my hands on a vinyl player so I can listen to these Billy Joel and John Lennon & Yoko Ono vinyls i couldn't stop myself from buying. (they look so cool!) 

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