May 31, 2008

Who is: Harriet Christian? Finally getting a whiff of BO's BO! Boo Ya!

old school Dems are so silly for being convinced that Hillary would walk into 2008 and be crowned Miss President. They forgot the important- the Boo Ya of the present day. Just when you thought that scary lady [and no i'm not trying to be political here i honestly was scared of her while growing up] was gonna feminize this country into shoulder-padded business suits and mass distribute Xanax pills for the already evil aging population. (yes it is their fault the economy sucks they didn't have enough kids!) Evil!

Hillary you are so lame! So is your friend Harriet Christian here. Of course people hearts are broken... old hearts that is. You're not ready for the Boo Ya(!) It's so awesome. It's like triple oxygen to young people and they at least respect it when it does occur. When it happens to you... you simply freak out and even lash out racist comments. (gasp) Grow up. It's 2008. Boo Ya! 

And don't you be saying to me, "well, what's the Boo Ya ?" 

Duh. Barak. Obama. Boo Ya! 

who is he? A person! 

this is hilarious. I am dying with laughter. of course, not literally!

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