February 10, 2009

9 things

1. I regret not going to see this band last night at the black cat after reading this. (as much as i take the evaluations with a grain of salt....)

2. it's come that time again in the year to replenish my pen supply for my ever growing pen fetish. I was saddened to find out that my all time favorite, the Signo RT 0.38mm retractable pen was sold out so I snatched up refills to case into all the empty bodies i have lying around the house. Some new orders include this and this. I highly recommend JetPens, a great online store to purchase many great Japanese pens largely unavailable in the US. but they are in stock now!!!! i just found out.
3. The inauguration pics and recap are coming next.

4. Here are some pictures from my latest venture, a climbing trip to McDowell, on the WVA/VA border. The rocks weren't as swell as I imagined them to be, but the company and times were excellent. Many good conversations and great beef stew. Not to mention I actually slept in a tent this time. The worst part is that I didn't take any pictures when we actually climbed. So although this was mainly a climbing trip, I have NO climbing pictures! Even after coming back and climbing some more at Earth Treks, I have no climbing pics to show for. :( !!!!

pics here on facebook

5. Here are the latest new additions to my vinyl collection:

- Calexico - Carried to Dust
- Jack Johnson - On and On
- The Velvet Underground - VU
- Joni Mitchell - Blue
- Beach Boys - Pet Sounds + 2 More

6. Tell No One, last year's epic French thriller is OUT!!! Go rent/download/borrow/buy it asap and watch. Hang on to your chairses!!! I highly recommend this movie.

7. Song Download: If you like anime, you will like this song. Otherwise ignore. I recently watched paprika and liked the theme song. here (The
girl in Byakkoya - White Tiger Field (4.9538MB))

8. Last but not least: Bring a pillow when you can. I am always regretting the decision not to pack a pillow when I go on trips. I always tell myself I can bundle up my clothes and use it as a pillow but nothing compares to the real deal. Imagine the luxury! Even for a long car ride, a soft fluffy pillow will come in handy. Also, what about those times you have to crash at a friends? You don't want to borrow someone's ole pillow. you want your own! So carry one in the car in a trash bag or something. It's one luxury you can afford.

9. TODAY I just saw a rabbit killed by the car in front of me. that just made me incredibly sad. :(

February 04, 2009

Passion Pit, Paper Route, and Cale Parks @ the Black Cat, Feb. 3

Last night at the Black Cat I saw the new rage band MGMT sound-alike Passion Pit. The only sad part is that they didn't play Cuddle Fuddle :(!

Cale Parks was synthy-opaque but substantial and Paper Route was surprisingly very good. Kinda of like Augustana. 

February 01, 2009

Lykke Li at 6th and I Synagogue in Downtown DC

I'm sooo happy!!!!! 

I just saw the second best concert of my life: Lykke Li. She is only 22 and has amazing stage presence. It was sad, it was glad. She even used a megaphone and a kazoo. Here are some more pictures: 

Los Campesinos w/Titus Andronicus, Jan 15th

On January 15th, I saw Los Campesinos in concert at the Ottobar in Baltimore City, Maryland. Titus Andronicus opened for them. I didn't like Titus Andronicus as much but the performance by the farmers was swell. Here are some pictures.

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