September 11, 2009

sara jessica parker could possibly be the ugliest (wo)man(?) on earth

this is not my first blog post on the ugliness of sjp but this picture was so horrifying that i had to put it on my own personal blog. i know right? i'm just glad i'm not a man who might unconsciously store this image in the brain to last longer... if you know what i mean...


September 08, 2009

More fatalities at Wal-Mart

article here

Woman beaten to death at China Wal-Mart

BEIJING — A woman in eastern China was allegedly beaten to death by five employees of a Wal-Mart store who accused her of shoplifting, a police report and state media said Tuesday.

Police have arrested two employees from the store in Jiangxi province, while three others are being investigated, Jingdezhen city police said in a report on their website.

According to the report, the woman was beaten outside her home near the Wal-Mart on August 30 and died in a city hospital on Wednesday last week from injuries suffered during the beating.

Police said the five Wal-Mart employees had stopped the woman in the street and demanded to see her receipt, but she refused because she could not verify their identities, it said.

Following an argument, the five Wal-Mart employees began beating her, it said.

The English-language China Daily on Tuesday identified the victim as Yu Xiaochun, 37.

"They started to hit her because she didn't do what they said," the paper quoted her husband Chen Baolin as saying.

"I got there and tried to stop them but they kept beating her."

It was not immediately known if the woman had shoplifted, the paper said.

The beating intensified as she tried to telephone for help using her mobile phone, it added.

In a statement, Wal-Mart said it was "fully cooperating with the relevant authorities and will release further details as it is appropriate".

"We extend our condolences to the family of the deceased.... The incident and cause of death is the subject of an investigation."

September 05, 2009

hello fall

fall will be here.
it's pretty much the end of summer.

this morning i went for a fast short run (1.7 miles) so i'll call it speed training.

I want to run TO places. like mayorga - 6 miles

or even my work, REI in Rockville (~9~ miles, depending on the route)

it seems more fulfilling than running endless circles around the neighborhood block

I am abstaining from
drinking alcohol
smoking weed
smoking cancer sticks

In fact i have given up the above entirely

I was more of an alcoholic this summer than after turning 21 ( a week ago)

I have drank a total of 2 beers in the duration of being 21. and no more will ensue.

The other night I went to purchase beer for a party of sorts, and the lady at the beer store forgot to card me. this was the day after turning 21, my first time being legal in a beer store. Kind of disappointing. I asked her, "Wait, aren't you going to card me?"

She laughed and said she always forgets to.

Let me tell you: I DO NOT look 21. I look like a chubby little 16 year old with a ponytail and braces!!!

(SEE above picture!!)

BTW School has started. This fall I am taking classes from the very prestigious, Rockville's own, Harvard on the pike, aka Monkay Kollege, otherwise known as MC. 

Here are the courses I am taking: 
Environmental Biology
Color Theory
Nutrition (online)
Success Group (online) 

That makes for a total of 12 credits (fulltime baby!)

Now I can continue to get health insurance until I am 23 whoot. 

I only have classes two days a week. which is nice. 

anyways, I am off to climb. at the gym. on a sunny saturday. oh yea

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