September 05, 2009

hello fall

fall will be here.
it's pretty much the end of summer.

this morning i went for a fast short run (1.7 miles) so i'll call it speed training.

I want to run TO places. like mayorga - 6 miles

or even my work, REI in Rockville (~9~ miles, depending on the route)

it seems more fulfilling than running endless circles around the neighborhood block

I am abstaining from
drinking alcohol
smoking weed
smoking cancer sticks

In fact i have given up the above entirely

I was more of an alcoholic this summer than after turning 21 ( a week ago)

I have drank a total of 2 beers in the duration of being 21. and no more will ensue.

The other night I went to purchase beer for a party of sorts, and the lady at the beer store forgot to card me. this was the day after turning 21, my first time being legal in a beer store. Kind of disappointing. I asked her, "Wait, aren't you going to card me?"

She laughed and said she always forgets to.

Let me tell you: I DO NOT look 21. I look like a chubby little 16 year old with a ponytail and braces!!!

(SEE above picture!!)

BTW School has started. This fall I am taking classes from the very prestigious, Rockville's own, Harvard on the pike, aka Monkay Kollege, otherwise known as MC. 

Here are the courses I am taking: 
Environmental Biology
Color Theory
Nutrition (online)
Success Group (online) 

That makes for a total of 12 credits (fulltime baby!)

Now I can continue to get health insurance until I am 23 whoot. 

I only have classes two days a week. which is nice. 

anyways, I am off to climb. at the gym. on a sunny saturday. oh yea

1 comment:

Bria said...

oh psshhaw....weed is good for you =P

i miss you woman.
if you ever come to cali.....


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