March 19, 2008

[in edit] Tips on Running by Lily :D

Tips on Running

> Drink a bottle of water within 2 hours of your run

> take a little sugar (NOT SUGAR FREE it will give you gas! :( ! ) - like a gumdrop right before you run, it will give you a spurt of energy

> look out the window before you run and mentally prepare to run- as you are still stuck inside, create in yourself a desire and urge to run, look at the buds slowly moving in the wind and imagine yourself, running in slow motion

> have a good music mix

> BE PASSIONATE: run to the music, and agree with the lyrics, meditate on the emotions. the passions of the singer you will find alignment with as you yourself are in a struggle of emotion, whether it's a flood of thoughts of the events of the past week or the difficult aspects of the run

> look at different things - have things in your route been changed? 

> vary your pace, run little sprints, then slow jog, then speed up and catch a rythym

> set a timer, not a distance. choose to keep sustainably running for a certain amount of time. I like to set a 30 min. timer on my wristwatch

> focus of breathing for the first mile, doing so will help you lapse into a good steady rhythm that sets a stage for a long comfortable run, long breaths,breath in through you nose

> The actuality of the regular. run every day. sometimes you only have time for a mile

> earlier is better

> Jump! find parts in your run where you can run and leap

> talk about it, get other ppl excited, and keep accountable with other runners. 

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