May 15, 2011

innocence and the way of the world

dandies rollick underfoot
a step, atop the porch I sit
pondering, wander, wonder

soon, soon dusk lets down its heavy blanket
on the sky,
dimly soothing, frantically fading

chubby grubby hands ambling,
the children meandering back
from the dripping living woods

frogs from bogs
upturning spacious housing logs

they look up at me with dark bright eyes,
trusting innocence?

- Across the field the llamas stare right back

high and sweet
melodic voices chipper, crowd
bring me back

smiling, invisibly, a warm wet tear slips out
and blends incognito with the taxing:
sweet sweat, down the furtive brow

a second splits
the horror hits
soon one day soon
their naivety will be shattered, raped, split, slit

eaten up, processed. inevitably
by the churning turning world

Its hungry gut
splendidly huge
awesomely fraudulent

my contributions keep the checks in sway
the delicate balance
eventually. making me
a better wetter lay

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