August 24, 2008

daisen mondo + climbing

Last night I came home around midnight from the Daisen Mondo Mountain Music Festival. It was two days long and a blast. One particular band that played I thought the guitarist was cute and an excellent musician. Then I met him, because I didn't notice first- but he was hanging out with my group of friends that whole time with us! Both days I went rock climbing in the morning- rather bouldering out by the sea. I couldn't do pretty much any of the climbs because they were V5's and up but I worked on little portions, and earned a few scrapes here and there. But worst of all was Ochi, who was climbing a short route. When he sent it, a rock piece that he was holding onto at the top broke- sending him tumbling down, partly onto the mat and partly onto rock. No bones were broken but his arm got scraped and his back is a little sore: 
Also here are some more climbing pictures from yesterday: 

So tomorrow, I'm gonna go bouldering indoors with Tanaka-san in Matsue (via train)- I AM SO STOKED!! I found a girl climber in Japan. Who is also pretty cool. 

Here is the Honda van I went road trippin' in this past weekend: 

And finally here are some pictures from the music festival:

aka Doggystyle:

soul flower union:

some band:
new friends:

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Josephtheprince said...

Yikes. Crumbling rocks???!!! I'm glad he's okay...and will have a cool scar!

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