October 14, 2008

US Prez sighting and Kayaking

Well hello there. Yesterday I got to see the prez of the US, along with the Italian prime minister, Laura, and Condi Rice on the Southlawn of the white house.

I unfortunately only had my 50mm f1.8 lenses, so I couldn't get too many close ups. Anyways it was worthwhile, although at the beginning my borrowed shoes were getting to be a pain. Renee and I aerated the grassy lawn of the white house with our heels. I had to stand on my tippy toes to keep from sinking (once more). I am lucky to have a friend like Renee who has such close connections to the president!
After I got home from riding the metro, I went back into DC, this time to go kayaking. It was the rizzle deal, with a spray skirt and life jacket and helmet and all. I learned how to exit from the kayak when I get flipped over- tuck your head down, slide your knees up, all while yanking off the spray skirt. I love kayaking! I want to get better!

So this evening, I put out for $140 shoes from REI, they were the La Sportiva Miuras, size 38. I normally wear shoe size 8.5 and my old climbing shoes were evolv 41!!! So this is quite the change.

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