October 28, 2008

Campaigning/canvasing, my prodigy, tumbleweeds

I'm in cold windy South Dakota campaigning for my friend Isaac Latterell. Today I'm working on a website for him that answers some questions presented by the tiny Aberdeen newspaper here.

That's where I am- Aberdeen!

It's definitely a struggle to campaign. There are many things to weather here, including, the weather, the candidate (haha), the bias, and the essence of time, which in this last week is quickly coming to a close.

One thing for sure: I am having fun, and I am learning a lot!

Isaac's little brother Matt, has started making YouTube vids, alongside my help with a tad edit. The vids are made with a digital camera so forgive the quality. This 12 year old is quite the talent!

I saw my first tumbleweed on Sunday!! That alone has made my trip worthwhile.
Here is a tumbleweed attacking isaac:

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Stephanie said...

hahaha, love the tumbleweed attack. so cliche.

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