November 03, 2009

Douchebag Party Invite

One of my "friends" on Facebook is having a birthday party this month. In my inbox (I am not attending), but I still got this message:

Please be aware that a minor change has been made. I have gotten some STRIPPERS, (FEMALE)!!! Anyone under 18 will have to leave around 9:30pm. This girl will be topless and .... well you all get the picture. If you are offended by having a topless girl on you, don't bother showing up.

Please start to RSVP as soon as possible so I can get a head count. I am hosting a three day party for friends, coworkers, and family on different days. Anyone under the maybe will be counted as not going to show up.

If you are offended by meat, don't show up, if you hate guns don't step on my yard, if you hate asians don't step into my neighborhood!

Please be respectful of my townhouse, and please drink responsibly, if you do not know what you are about to drink ask someone what it is. If you are drunk, under no circumstances are you allowed to drive home, if you plan on getting drunk either plan on sleeping over or don't show up.

There will be a strip poker, don't like having fun, don't bother to show up, your a waste of time.

I invited you because either I like your personality or your company or because I respect you enough to have thought to invite you. Please do not bring you hoes, you niggas, you gang, your parents, your siblings, I WILL KILL THEM! (unless I know them, then they can stay for awhile)

-[name removed]

If you are my coworker, please show up to the nov. 21 party, better strippers will be there since it will be an all 21 year old or older crowd.

The biggest birthday party on the block!!! Some people cansleepover. Main meal will be provided consisting of asian food. please bring a dish tho. Please mark your name o your present so I can write a thank you letter.

Alcohol will be present A LOT OF IT, consisting of wine and beer.

If you cannot bring a food, bring beer or wine, I like sweet red or white wine, or guiness, don't bring the cheap stuff, go strong or go home, lol!

Please do not invite random people, people I actually know can come or past friends.

The first 25 people to request needing room and board will get it everyone else will have to leave around 1am sat morning

Presents - backpacking, rock climbing equipment, money, good wine, NO BEER, chinese food, asian chicks, lol

What a douchebag!!!!

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