May 02, 2009

what a load of bullshit

low income families are sometimes the fattest ones around

and meanwhile people insides are being eaten by themselves around the world. now that's hunger.

not being able to afford to eat the particular foods that you want is not hunger

starvation and severe weight loss is the result of hunger

and all we see is obesity in america


Anonymous said...

I think you'd appreciate this documentary.

Elias21 said...
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Elias21 said...

Your opinion on this is interesting. But I would challenge you to look past a clearly passionate FEELING you may have, and look at real facts of life.

Fact One: For your childhood you lived in a home with parents who have a stable income.

Fact Two: You were given a solid education that was tailored to your specific needs and intelligence level. (Please don't misunderstand this as a derogatory comment. I am not insinuating that you are less intelligent. I am merely pointing out that do to home schooling you were given very specific one on one training when it came to schooling.) And consequently learned about things like budgeting.

Fact Three: Having never been a part of a less fortunate family it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to understand or contemplate what these kind of people are going through.

Fact Four: You are commting one of the biggest fallacies in argumentation. Generalization. Just because some low income families may abuse the system and get "fat" from it. Doesn't mean that is the standard.

I would agree that starvation is much worse in other parts of the world. But my question what is your solution? You bitch and moan about how we "spoil" our low income families without providing a solution. I know, why don't we starve the poor people in America so that they will really know what it means to go hungry. Or even better why don't put a limit on how much Americans in general can eat. Make everyone ration that way we can guarantee that obesity will go down. The reason we don't have as many people starving is because America has a stronger economy then other countries we as Americans can afford to help out those who less fortunate then us. So I would argue that I would rather have the majority of people in America NOT know what it means to be starving because that shows how successful our country is.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the gravity of need is incredibly higher in the rest of the world. No contest.

However, I'm not sure your argument is sound about obesity and the poor in America. There are a lot of obese low-income individuals and families who eat crap like McDonalds all the time (perhaps because a parent works in the kitchen there, for example). There is, however, a very small, even lower-income group that are very needy. But if we are measuring progress with a large scale, then we'd be better off to send our resources abroad, I agree.

Anonymous said...

that is* very needy (pardon my grammar).

I. L. C. said...

when i was a little my dad for a short while was unemployed and at one point had only 50 cents to his name and could not pay rent. we at one point had to had government health care. i have not lived my whole life in a family with a stable income. we've lived in some pretty shady hoods where i would hear gunshots some times.

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