September 29, 2008

Soba, an Old House, and the sighting of a street musician

This past week, Miyako-san took me to Bundekkashokkan- a rich farmer's house from Edo-period Japan. It's right down the street from the house. After looking at the house and having a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, we ate Soba at a Soba house in the garden of the home. It was Izumo style, where three plates of soba are stacked upon each other. YUM!

That night after I came back from gym climbing (a very good night in which i conquered two 4Qs woot!) There was a young man singing Bob Dylan style in front of Izumoshi Station. There was no one there because it was soo late at night (11:30PM) and plus, it's the countryside. His song was okay, but his voice was even better. 

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