February 03, 2008

shakira with a mystery baby stuck in a tree

So, I'm doing some h.w. on the pc when I decide to play some "Hips Don't Lie" on iTunes and I notice the album cover for Oral Fixation, v2.
Looks very Shakira typical...

but what the heck?!? What is the symbolism intended with this random baby?!?! Here's on of the lamest album covers, all smashed by inserting a cute baby perched on a tree, and reaching for the apple (s?) The more I look at it, it seems more like this child is perched in a bird's nest. Where are the legs? Maybe the baby is lying on the tree on its belly and it's just trying to balance. ????

Here's how it could have played out:

Producer: Shakira, we just finished wrapping up the album. Check out this awesome cover our designer whipped up last night.

Shakira: No. I just no se. It looks very good, very hot. But something important is missing. Something that expresses my soul. I want my inner child to be represented on this cover.

Producer: I don't think I was trying to go that direction when I wrote the songs.

Shakira: Shut up. I'm Shakira! I want 7 adorable cute babies from all around the world holding me up, like I am the inner child of the world.

Producer: ... wtf... I'll see what I can do.

Shakira: Good.

months later...

shakira calls her producer....

Shakira: #%$#!! You only put one baby in the album! and it's non even a part of me. It's like the baby that's reaching for my soul. It's like Satan in a tree. Or something diablo.

Producer: Look Shakira. Your album is selling like crazy. Nobody hardly notices the baby. I had it photoshopped in last minute. Don't worry. According to our statistics, that baby is indirectly puporting mind control, causing an increase in album purchases by mothers and women over 75.

Shakira: Whatever, I better see a hundred babies in the next single release. Or pandas. Those are really cute too. Remember my hips don't lie! And that's a threat.


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