October 11, 2007

you say we should be fine

i see you all the time
i wish i wish
that we'd fall behind

this is the only one
that we've been talking of
i hope i hope
that you are ready to go

time comes and twists my arm
don't go get me alarmed
i know i know
that you found my secret heart

river that flows on grand
keep going going rush
around around
you'll know i'll stand through strong

at dusk you found your way
the river bed was stained
i'm sore so sorry
to say that i'll be long

please keep marching away
you're a soldier not here to say
i can't i never
with any for too long

so leave while it's still bright and maybe you'll find your way around again, and maybe just maybe we'll find ourselves back at the square that past

so no matter how we try
nothing will ever be right
you're whole i'm none
this is the worst equation
that either of us tried


Malcolm said...

Whoa. This is really good. What is the meaning and impetus behind it I wonder?

Anonymous said...

This is crap.
If not crap, it's almost crap.

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