November 23, 2006

so i am crazy

When this semester ends at dear dear Patrick Henry College place, I will find myself once again employed by the greatest production company in Silver Spring, Brainbox! So I thought to myself, working full-time is very long and takes up a lot of one's time. This winter I know I will be working. But I must make the most of it. there is much to look forward to. Reading the Bible, free time to breathe, working with Jen T!!! Andrew!!! and for Bill!!! Also, there might be snow, watching people on the Metro, Christmas shopping, gettting into some good indie, going to indie concerts in DC, and watching movies/hanging out on Friday nights, etc. i know that it will be fun :)

Here’s how I hope it will look, now that I carry a SmarTrip card and a loooong winter coat:

A typical day, and with wistful eyes I write this:

5.00 Wake
5.30 hit the YMCA (la) and run designated amount - either 3 or 5 miles.
6.30 shower and eat breakfast
7.10 leave for metro, during metro have morning devotion
7.20 ish leave on metro bound for Silver Spring - purple line, where are you????
9.00 arrive at beloved worksite - Brainbox, and WORK!
5.00 leave beloved worksite and take metro home, during read independent study book, and listen to something contemplative, like bright eyes
6.45 arrive at home, cook/eat dinner
7.15 free - emails, etc
8.45 LOG
9.00 bedtime

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