August 03, 2006

the need for speed

i've been sitting here rolling em and...

ok kids, it comes to the point of critical defense- do we do it or not?

yes, recently i've been tempted to try crystal meth after working on it as ae for a special for tv
i mean, look, you don't need plastic surgery- just take some beautiful meth

we are generation X (repeat that 3x)

seriously- maybe all we do so thoughtlessly- it's like a drug addiction

so i smile and realize how much i hate myself and love myself

oh the agony and the ecstacy!

my life this week: procrastination drives desparation- as is LAST MINUTE PHC APP!!


ps: oh i forgot- the diary part:

dear online super personal blog diary,

- today i baked chocolate chip cookies, took pictures of my dog, and tried to speculate where my life would be in 5 years. Then, i talked to my friend Suzie on the phone for like half and hour, and than chilled at the pool.*

come on- nobody can take this crap!

*pending personal blog removal
*completely fictional story that i would never do

in opt for

Super cool video blog that is impersonal!!!

there, i did it, i officially suck- i made a blog entry.

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